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A break in the action at this year’s 21 Convention in Austin, with Michelle enduring (another!) exercise physiology geek-out session 🙂  Left to right: Skyler Tanner, ARXFit CEO & Efficient Exercise president Mark Alexander, Meesus TTP, and moi.

I’ll kick this off with a few workouts from last week.

Friday, 8/31/12 –

BTN push-presses: work up to 195 x 8.  Had roughly 20 minutes to get in some overhead work.  Decided on BTN push-presses at a target rep range of 7.  Consulted my notes and saw that 195 x 7 was my previous “best”.   Plugged numbers into a basic autoregulation template, cranked up the RATM, and let it rip.  Beat my previous best by 1 rep, and left the studio feeling jacked.  Banner day 🙂

Thursday, 8/30/12 – 

Had a bit more time today, and wanted to get in some vitamin D therapy.  Reeled-off about 5 miles worth of fixie interval sprints into downtown Austin, downed a couple of double espressos at Halcyon, then hit Clark field for the following:

15 hundred yard sprints in less than 15 seconds each, on-the-minute, for 15 rounds.  Affectionately known, back in my playing days, as “15s”
100 dips, 5:57
25 straight bar muscle-ups (no misses), 8:13

Re-saddled, and rode back to the Efficient Exercise Rosedale studio — though at a bit more leisurely pace than the initial ride 🙂

Wednesday, 8/29/12 – Off.  Still feeling a bit hammered from Monday and Tuesday.

Tuesday, 8/28/12 –

Worked up to 3 heavy rounds of:
(A1) Powermax 360 flye/rev flye x 20
(A2) Omni pec fly x 5
(A3) Leverage machine flat press, +40 lbs x 5 reps at 30×0 + 3 neg.
(A4) RDL/BOR combo, 225 x 12

Monday, 8/27/12 –

Two separate front squat sessions, with about 3 hours between each session.  1st: 5×5 at 245; 2nd: rest-pause, 7!=>3 at 170.

*Note 7!=3 translates as: 7 reps.  Rack, 10 second pause.  Unrack and knock out 6.  Rack, 10 second pause.  Unrack and knock out 5….wash, rinse, repeat – all the way down to 3 reps.


More on core cooling

So I thought I’d add this article as an addendum to my Cold Thermogenesis…or Core Cooling? piece from this spring.  Very exciting stuff.  This, along with the heart rate variability work done by Dr. Frank Wyatt at Midwestern State University (drop-off fatigue prediction models), and by Joel Jamieson (recovery prediction models) currently top my exercise physiology geek-out list.  More on this later.


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