“Give me the liberty to know, to utter and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.” – John Milton

I’ve long considered Dr. Doug McGuff a close friend.  He’s passionate about health and fitness, thoughtful and highly intelligent.  I only wish we had more time  just to hang out at Skyler’s place, like this, exchanging ideas and good cheer over some fantastic food and wine:

Photo credit: Richard Nikoley.  Literally.  That’s his empty spot at the table.  I’m getting ready to bogart his meal if I can get him to look away for a second 🙂

This photo was taken shortly after Doug finished his talk at the 21 Convention here in Austin this summer.  And what a talk it was.   21 Convention mastermind Anthony Johnson always does a fine job of assembling the most interesting speakers on a wide array of topics.

So check out Doug’s talk below.  There’s much, much wisdom contained here; well worth the time.  Grab a cup of joe, kick back, and soak it in.  At one point near the end of the talk, Doug states that “the best thing that ever happened to Keith Norris was a career-ending knee injury”.  This was in reference to an NFL player’s average lifespan being only 56 years.   Now, for sure that truncated life span is due to a multitude of contributing factors, but simple and repeated physical battery certainly plays a part.  Looking back now — and with a little amassed wisdom of my own — I have to agree.  Here’s to unanswered prayers.

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