“Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

We’ve been asked when we were going to roll this out.  Well, now we have.  Shoot us an email if you’d like to take part.  We’d love to help you attain your diet and fitness goals. Coaching, Ancestral Momentum style.

Back-to-back old school workouts this week.  And, a Nautilus workout that would make HIT purists cringe…

Machine-based 21s

On Tuesday I went over to our Efficient Exercise Westlake location to play with our vast assortment of Nautilus equipment.  I haven’t had a machine-based throwdown in a while, so I figured what the hell.  One of my favorite protocols when utilizing machines is a 21 rep methodology.  This is my version of mixing rest-pause and DC training.  Essentially, this boils down to picking a weight that I could handle for approximately 10 reps, then gunning for that max (taking note of whether I hit or exceed that target).  From there on out, it’s a rest-pause grind to 21 reps.  And to up the ante (and prevent too much resting and pausing), I put myself on the clock.  I log both the 10 rep max weight and the total time to completion for future reference.   If I exceed 10 reps on the opening salvo, I’ll up the starting weight next time out.   I choose two chest exercises (pec dec and flat press) and two back exercises (pullover and compound row), performing them in that order.  I try to maintain a 30×0 tempo, i.e., exploding into the concentric and controlling the eccentric.  I know, Jedis; I know — it’s blasphemy 😉

Barbell-based 21s

Same idea on Wednesday, only the exercise selection this time out was a barbell muscle-up.  On most compound/barbell exercises, I’ll use a 5 to 7 rep max.  Same idea as above, though.  The resultant rep scheme looked like this: 165 x 5, 3, 3, then 5 x 2.  Simply. Frackin. Brutal.

Old School superset

On Friday, I performed this little oldie-but-goodie:

(A1) Trap bar deadlift, 400 x 3
(A2) Dips, 90 x 3
7 rounds, 13 minutes

Still in keeping with a 21 rep scheme, but now we’ve got a superset to contend with (which is a blessing and a curse).  Generally here I’ll choose an 8 to 10 rep max, then alternate sets of 3s while on the clock.

Give one of these 21s variations a shoot.  They’re brief, brutal and basic.  And also, easy to track.

And give us a shout when you’re ready to supercharge your training via some dedicated coaching.

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