“Whoever is out of patience is out of possession of his soul.” – Francis Bacon

I so wish I could remember the above quote when I come across mainstream dietary advice like this.  But alas…

BTW, the entire series, of which the above linked article is but one part, is a pretty good mainstream take on the worldwide obesity issue.   Sobering stuff for sure.


Paleo-sphere meme-meister Corben Thomas would be proud.  The kid is doing curls, yes – but *not* in the squat rack.

Ok, so here’s an example of a “punch the clock” type workout.  Not striving for a PR today; simply keeping the table set for big things to come in the future, and building some good work capacity in the process.

Saturday, 12/22/12
(A1) trap bar deadlift x 7 at 400 lbs (94% of 7 rep max)
(A2) weighted dips x 7 at 90 lbs (90% of 7 rep max)
(A3) EZ curl x 7 at 125 lbs
worked up to 3 working rounds

A couple of things about this workout:

* once I dove into the working rounds, I took as little rest as possible between exercises.  In practice, this meant approximately 30 seconds.

*dialing back just a smidge on each exercise’s loading allows for putting the emphasis on overall pace.

*where did I get those “7 rep max” numbers?  From previous autoregulation bouts.

*21 to 30 total working reps per exercise at this loading range seems to be the sweet spot for me.  Another way to skin this cat would have been to load to 90 to 95% of a 3 -rep max, and performed a 7 sets of 3 routine.  Or, I could have performed a rest-pause variant.  All of these variations work, but none work forever.  Controlled change (harnessed chaos?) is key.

Hope you all have a fantastic holiday!

In health, fitness, and ancestral wellness –




  1. Baby Girl said you are not supposed to do curls. I told her it’s OK because Mr. Keith is not in the squat rack. She said I don’t make up the rules, no curls. I almost fell out of my chair. She’s a hoot.


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