“Genius is talent set on fire by courage.” – Henry van Dyke

 We’re in the final run-up to the awesome, 3-day Paleo f(x) symposium this week — 80 speakers, 700+ attendees, approximately 100 volunteers, S&C workshops, cooking demos, a huge expo area, after-hours dinners and parties — a true, 3-day, not-to-be-missed, ultimate wellness, uber-event.  Can’t make it to The Epicenter of Physical Culture (Austin, Texas) for the big show?  Don’t fret — we’re now set up to live stream a good portion of the presentations.  Discount knowledge is a good thing, kids! 🙂

The Paleo f(x) symposium is the physical manifestation of the over-arching Ancestral Momentum – Theory to Practice premise: that we are who we are as a species today, because we evolved as obligate movers and opportunistic feeders.  The modern manifestation of which is that you can’t out-train a crappy diet any more than you can out-diet a non-physical lifestyle.  True wellness is the proper merging of a sensible diet, smart fitness, and intelligent lifestyle choices (adequate sleep and sun sun exposure, stress management, etc.).  We don’t advocate a return to the spear and stone age, mind you, but rather cultivating the fine art of leveraging of modern technology to achieve ancestral wellness.

But this movement (and Paleo is a full-fledged movement now) is so much more than the simple diet and fitness tweaks that can be performed to optimize one’s own health.  No, this is also about what can be done to better the environment, the public policy landscape, one’s every, day-in and day-out interaction to facilitate an optimum lifestyle.  A tall order?  Yeah, it is — but we’ve never backed away from a challenge.  And this movement is a magnet for folks of the same, tenacious mindset.

Paleo f(x) is also a testament to what can be done when a critical mass of people truly believe in a movement’s  core principles.  This symposium would never have gained traction without the tireless, dedicated efforts of close to 100 volunteers.  And we do ask A LOT from these folks, both in terms of time and effort.

Michelle and I are truly blessed to be in a position now in our lives where we can devote the time, energy and money toward a project that truly inspires us.  Quite literally, we’ve gambled the coconut farm on this one.  But in our eyes, it’s a hell of a lot more fulfilling route than taking the easy way.  What more exciting way (than the possibility of losing your shirt) to affect positive change?  🙂 And, as a bonus, being in this position allows us to interact daily with folks who are exceedingly intelligent and overtly passionate about affecting the same positive change we believe in.  Both individual change, and change in the world as a whole.  

So come check us out at the big show, March 28th, 29th and 30th, in the epicenter of physical culture, Austin, Texas.  If you can’t make it out to Austin, get a taste for the event via livestream.  It was one hell of a party last year, and we’re doubling-down for the 2013 iteration.

The great Russian leg curl-off, Efficient Exercise style –

So it’s not enough that Skyler has enticed me to destroy my arms on a routine basis by hanging a climbing rope at the Rosedale studio; now he’s ramped things up a notch with an RLC challenge.   The goal?  The first knucklehead to reach 10, full ROM, no cheat, RLCs (Russian leg curls) is the “king of hams”.  Where to beyond that?  Incline the bench, of course!  Add a weight vest!

So if you see me hobbling around the Paleo f(x) symposium, unable to lift my arms, you’ll know what’s up.  Yep, 48 years old, and still acting like I was 20.  That’s PAF (Paleo as F*ck) in my book 😉

The first salvo – 5 with a one-board cheat:

I’ll see you all after the big show!  And if you attend, please come up and say “howdy”!

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