“What we’ve got here is, failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you men…..” Captain, Road Prison 36; Cool Hand Luke

Ahhh, one of my all-time favorite movies.  And the 50-egg scene is clearly #PAF 🙂 

So, let’s consider a series of workouts from the past 10 days. Fewer sprint sessions here than would be normal for me in this long of a block due to time crunch (an unusually high volume of Efficient Exercise and Paleo f(x) related work and meetings), and some absolutely cra-cra ATX weather. Rain? Really? I’d forgotten what the hell that looked like.

As always, though (and even cooler than eating 50 eggs in an hour), is keeping in mind basic programming ideals: the Five Ts. Working through the eight planes of motion. Surfing the curve; waving (intensities) and weaving (modalities).

So here we go (in reverse order):

Tuesday, 10/1/13
A1 Hip “donkey raise” calves: 400 x 20
A2 EZ pullover/tri ext: 95 x (15 pullovers/ext + 15 close-grip-press + 7 pullover/ext + 10 close-grip-press)
A3 straight bar bi curl: 75 x (15, 15)
2 rounds
Straight-up “sunz out, gunz out” bro workout

sprints, 7 x 10 sec drop-offs

Sunday, 9/29/13
A1 squat cleans: 135/5, 185/5, 215/3, 3
A2 cable decline flyes: 140/15, (10,5), (10,5), (10,3,2)
A3 Dips: 45/5, 100/ (5,3), (5,3), (3,1+)
B1 squat clean continuation: 225/1, 235/1, 215/1, 185/5
*Compare/contrast this workout to the Friday, 9/20 squat clean/dip session. Keeping things the same…but just different enough not to fall into a rut.

Saturday, 9/28/13
Had planned a sprint session for today, but it rained like an effin bull pissin’ on a flat rock. I took a two hour nap instead…and felt zero guilt 😉

Friday, 9/27/13
Took the day off to attend the Fitness at the Edge of Science conference. Good friend Dr. Doug McGuff proved to be by far the smartest guy in the room.  Really looking forward to having Doug at Paleo f(x) next spring.

Thursday, 9/26/13
A1 TBar swings: 75/20; 100/20, 20, 20
A2 BTN push-press: 135/7, 185/7, 7, 5, 7
*This was another planned sprint day that got derailed due to rain (monsoon?)

Wednesday (San Antonio EE facility), 9/25/13
A1 Hammer incline press: 230 x 21 rest-pause (12,5,4), (12,5,3,1)
A2 Pendulum Hip Press: 500 x 21 (no rack rest-pause), 21 (no rack rest-pause)
A3 Nautilus pullover: 255 x 21 rest-pause (15,7), (8,5,4,2,2)
*Adding a cumulative time element to this next time out. Will keep the same loading and the 21-rest-pause scheme.

Tuesday, 9/24/13
Hang cleans: 95/5, 135/5, 165/3, 185/3; Hang clean + front squat: 185/3; squat clean: 185/3, 215/3, 225/1, 235/1, 1; snatch grip DL (15 sec hold at knees each rep): 235/5, 275/5, 315/5

Monday, 9/23/13
Sprints: max distance in 10 seconds. 7 rounds (drop-off method
28 straight bar muscle-ups in 10 minutes

Friday, 9/20/13
A1 squat cleans: 135/5, 185/5, 215/2,2,2,2
A2 Dips: 45/5, 70/5, 100/7,7,7,7
A3 broad jump x 3: (attempt to beat last week’s 8’5”) – close, but none over 8’5”

So just by taking a quick look at the rep schemes and loading here, you’ll notice the absence of any very high force/low velocity work.  It just so happens that the ARXFit (how I incorporate that portion of the force-velocity curve) was in heavy rotation the week prior to this posted sweep of workouts.

This is another aspect of “waving intensity and weaving modality”.  “Frequency modulation” might be another analogy here.  Whereas this particular 10-day snapshot contains no “extreme right” of the force-velocity curve, another 10-day span may contain 5 days worth.

Remember, this won’t promote peak performance in a specialized manner, but it will promote a fairly high degree of “across the board” performance, while still preserving overall health; that all-important “C zone” depicted in the graph below.

In health, fitness, and ancestral wellness –



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