“The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many.” – John Naisbitt

So I turned 49 this weekend.  Which, if my math is correct, marks my 38th year of actively pursuing strength and conditioning as way to better myself.  And even before my formal training began, my play was full of athletic tests and dares.  This stuff has truly been the fabric of my life. 

I am totally indebted to those who so skillfully mentored me through those difficult “I know friggin’ everything” years.   I’ve always believed in serendipity; that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Now I may have been a normal testosterone-fuelled, rock-headed teenager and young adult in every other aspect of my life (painful to look back on), but when it came to sports performance and strength and conditioning in general, I shut my friggin’ pie hole the hell up and paid unbroken attention to those in authority.  Why in this aspect of my life and not in any other?  Just another of life’s great mysteries, I suppose.

That said, here’s how I kicked-off my 49th trip around on the ol’ 3rd rock from the sun:

(1) watched, in person, as Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans put on the final football clinic of their illustrious collegiate careers in front of 90,000, mesmerized, Kyle field fans.  Nothing less than phenomenal.  And having been around the game my entire life, I’m not easily impressed.

(2) busted out the following workout:

A1) Power Clean + Front Squats: 135/1&5; 1&5; 185/1&5; 215/1&3; 235/1&3, 1&3; 215/1&5; 185/1&5
B1) BTN push-press: 135/7, 165/5, 185/7

(3) had a good friend introduce me to her new creation: the wonderful fusion that is the liverwurst taco.  Holy hot damn.

(4) avoided drinking too much (older and wiser?  Say it ain’t so!).

(5) had a loving and understanding Meesus TTP make me a full-blown bacon and egg breakfast, as if I had imbibed too much.

(6) had a hand in creating the most innovative change in the supplement industry that the world has ever seen.  No exaggeration; and it’s coming down the pike, pronto.

(7) completed drafting the initial blog post for the newly redesigned, drastically upgraded, and about-to-relaunch Paleo f(x) website.  This bad-boy ought to be rolling out soon!  Stay tuned!

(8) wraped-up the weekend with some sprints and hurdle hops. Not quite as smooth as my friend in the clip below.  But hey, I’ve got another 49 years to perfect the skill 😉

And that, my friends, are how hurdle hops are done.  Damn smooth, indeed.  Rockin’ it “down east”, at my old stomping grounds, East Carolina University.

All in all, pretty good damn way to spend my 49th.  Doing things I love, and helping advance causes I truly believe in.  I can easily spend another 49 years doing just that.

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  1. Hate to do this to you, but you actually just finished your 49th trip around the sun…your birthday actually marked the kicking off of your 50th (gulp) trip around the sun. I know, I know…


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