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The largest Paleo event in the world takes place this week, in Austin, Texas.  To say that Michelle and I are thrilled as to what this event has become would be the grossest of understatements.  The “little fledgling movement that could” is fast becoming a mainstream wrecking ball.  No longer can health and fitness related glitz and bad science masquerade as “truth”.  If science “lurches forward one funeral at a time”, then we’ll have to consider the Paleo movement in general, and Paleo f(x) specifically, to be the Black Death of the status quo.

I don’t want to use what precious little free time I have today to give an overview of this wonderful show — partly because Nicole Crawford of Breaking Muscle has already done such a spectacular piece on the subject —  – but also because, quite frankly, there is just SO MUCH to consider.  Better to check out Nicole’s article and, for the 30-thousand foot overview watch this clip:

However, since my bias is a bit more toward the performance side of things, I would like to draw some attention toward the five panels that I will be moderating during the show; subjects near-and-dear to my heart:

Fitness Training in a Digital Age

Workout Nutrition

Supplementation for Performance

Shamanism – Our Quantum Leap Forward

Cultivating the Well-Adjusted Male

I really wish you could see the behind-the-scenes collaboration taking place between the rock star participants on each of these panels.  And that’s the win-win of the Paleo f(x) event — a chance for like minds to rub elbows, and spark on-going discussions and examinations of new realms.

I really hope that everyone can make it out to the ATX for this show.  But if you can’t be there, we have another option: live streaming.  Check it out:

So, if you do make it out to the big show, be sure you come up and say hi.  If you can’t make it out for the Austin event, make sure to make plans for this October in Denver, as Paleo f(x) will be rolling in to the mile-high city this fall.  BOOM!

See y’all on the other side!

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