“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” – Teddy Roosevelt 

The Paleo lifestyle.  Efficient and effective strength and conditioning.  Pinpointed micro-nutrition and supplementation.  When everything is boiled down to the essential rue, that “rue” is simply this: optimization of the human animal within the environment it finds itself.

And the most effective tool for this process is expert use of the evolutionary lens.

From surviving on the margins of the dry savanna, or inner city food desert, to bio-hacking one’s way through wealth and privilege, to surviving a 6+ month’s-long journey in microgravity.  These situations vary only in manner of degree of environmental and evolutionary mismatch.  The mismatch between what is optimal for the human species vs where we currently find ourselves.

I think I could make a compelling case for space travel being the most extreme example of environmental mismatch the human animal has yet attempted to transcend.

In the video below, shot at the Ancestral Health Society’s 2014 gathering in Berkeley, CA, I discuss just one aspect of that extreme environmental mismatch —  accelerated muscle and bone deterioration due to microgravity — and how that life threatening condition can be effectively circumvented.

For a prelude to the following video, see this post.  It’s a good lead-in, and sets the stage for this fast-paced flyby observation of a very complicated subject.



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