“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Melting faces with ARXFit Omni demos, at the Less Doing, More Living conference in NYC.

Some of the most gratifying interactions I have in the realm of S&C / fitness / wellness are with extremely driven entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship and fitness seem like an odd mix?  Not at all.  These people are looking for absolutely any edge in personal performance, are massively motivated, and “get” the correlation between fitness and productivity.  Of course they long ago connected the dots between productivity and wealth generation.  But what’s really exciting is that the “new wave” of uber-successful entrepreneurs are now beginning to deftly manipulate (and rightly so),  the Four Pillars approach to fitness / wellness.  Very, very cool indeed.

That picture above was taken a week following Paleo f(x), at the Less Doing, More Living conference in NYC; what’s being eclipsed by the gathering crowd is the ARXFit Omni.  Technology-driven hyper productivity in any form is something this demographic appreciates, and man-oh-man did they ever appreciate pin-pointed effectiveness of the Omni.

I’ve discussed previously the notion that very little exercise (if done correctly) is actually needed for optimal health, wellness and mental focus.  I mean, we’re talking here on the order of minutes per month.  For instance, consider a driven entrepreneur melding ARXFit technology with the Pomodoro technique.  That’s productivity magic — not to mention the side benefit of great health. More on that in future posts.

I’ve talked too about the notion of total time investment vs desired body composition; the idea that 80% of one’s body comp goals can be met — again, assuming smart programming here — in about 4 hours a month worth of total exercise time.  Now, maximizing one’s genetic potential is another thing entirely, even with the best / smartest in programming and equipment (for a little more on that, check out this previous post).  And here is where a significant time investment begins to be required, and the juggling of goals and the time one is willing to put toward the grind comes into play.  For more on that, consider diving a bit deeper into the Five Ts.

In general, though (and whether we’re talking about entrepreneurship, business, or training), the name of the game is bang-for-the-buck; the ruthless and continual culling of chaff to get to the essential.  Because majoring in minors is, quite frankly, a sure-fire way to totally stymie progress and goal attainment.


So, what could be better than a 7-day, eastern caribbean cruise?  Well, a 7-day, all-expenses-paid eastern caribbean cruise with 300 friends and with your company picking up the tab.  Which, by the way, is exactly what Michelle and I (as I write this) are on. Thanks, ID Life, we certainly needed that!  Especially after all the Paleo f(x) build-up and craziness.

Now, the ship we’re on (Freedom Of the Seas) is truly fantastic.  And the spa amenities are especially impressive; I was able to get in plenty of sauna / cold shower contrast sessions while underway.  However, the gym could have really used some ARXFit help.  In fact, this would have been the perfect ARXFit environment.  Time efficiency?  Check.  Safety, even while rockin’ & rollin’ at sea?  Check.  Ease of use?  Yep, check that, too.

Hamming it up on Barefoot Beach, Coco Cay, Bahamas
Hamming it up on Barefoot Beach, Coco Cay, Bahamas.  A body built on the four pillars approach.

Unfortunately, the cruise lines aren’t on-board (yet) with the ARXFit idea.  So, as always when in a pinch, my go-to to get me through the trip were super basic; dumbbell clean and thrusts combined with pull-ups served as one workout.  The usual set up was rounds of 5 at 50 lbs with the clean and thrusts, combined with 10 pull-ups.  Wash, rinse, repeat, for 8 rounds.  Then it was off to the sauna / cold shower contrasts.  Not gonna change the world with this set-up, however, it will “keep the table set” until I can get back to the real McCoy.

On alternate days, it was DB flat presses (x 7 at 85 lbs) and bent over rows (on a friggin’ Smith machine!), 225 x 7.  If I’d had access to heavier DBs I’d simply done single arm rows.  But alas, 85s were as high as the rack went (and I was surprised it went that high).  But hey — as with diet, making the best choice given the circumstance is the name of the game.  Again, 8 rounds of that was a decent keep-the-rust-off dose.

Pretty sweet view... but this place could *really* use some ARXFit help.
Pretty sweet view… but this place could *really* use some ARXFit help.

So… I might not have made any progress during this trip, but I didn’t slip all that much, either.  Keepin’ the table set, brother.

And finally…

If you weren’t able to attend Paleo f(x) — or if you did, and you just want to listen to a kick-ass recap of the event — checkout this awesome podcast via Paleo Magazine.  I really enjoyed this show, as T-Fed and Stacy Toth do a great job of  adding context to the entire Paleo f(x) saga; where we’ve been, and where we’re going.  And the fast-paced, on-the-floor interviews just friggin’ rock. Excellent, excellent stuff!

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