“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.” – Gautama Buddha

Clark Field, University of Texas, Austin
Hill sprints!  Clark Field, University of Texas, Austin


Here’s a sprints & bars workout for you; one I performed myself Monday of last week:

Hill sprints x 5 (1x drop off; 7.11).  For more on the “drop off” method of fatigue management, see this post.
A1) muscle up x 2
A2) body weight dips x 15
A3) (every-other round) stair hops x 28 (same incline as the sprint)
10 rounds

Add to that a 5 mile fixie ride to Clark Field and back to the casa.

All fun and games, except that it’s friggin’ HOT as hell here in the ATX.  Or, as my good friend Kate Galliett said when I pressed her on on why she wasn’t swinging through town on a recent trip, “isn’t that place hotter than the sun right now?”

Yeah, it kinda is.

But you’ve had so much rain recently, you say.  Epic floods!  Hell, you even Tweeted about how you thought the Gods of weather must have confused Austin with Portland recently (easy to do, I suppose, even for [hipsterish], bearded, Portland and Austin lovin’ Gods).  But nay, all that rain only conspires to drive the humidity to Houston-like levels.

Which is to say, I’m growing gills and webbed feet…


Which then leads me to ask this (because I’ve seen so much of it around): why in the hell are you still replenishing with Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water and crap of that ilk?  This isn’t a populist, “bad company” bash — this is just a straight-up, look-at-the-label, question.

Check this out:


That’s a typical Gatorade label.  Go ahead and check the others — Powerade, Vitamin Water, etal; they’re not any prettier to look at.  Seriously?  We’re still effin-around with added sugar and HFCS?  In a sports/recovery drink? I mean, I get that it’s like a buck per 32 oz bottle or whatever.  But it’s your friggin’ health we’re talking about.

This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Now, compare that insanity to what I use: ID Life’s Hydrate:



And if it’s really blisteringly hot out, and/or my “dehydration index” (time + heat index + workout intensity) is super high, I’ll put an extra pinch of sea salt in the mix. Sea salt, yo (not table salt); for the added mineral content.  Go easy on that; you don’t want to be drinking seawater.

And with Hydrate, you use your own bottle.  This not only makes you a smart rehydrater, but makes you a good damn human being by not adding yet another plastic friggin bottle to the Pacific trash vortex.

But seriously, quit drinking that candy water crap.  Hell, you don’t have to buy my stuff, but at least ditch the crap and go the H2O / pinch of sea salt route.

It’s always the little things.  Adequate sleep.  Consistent, smart exercise.  Purging the easy-to-eliminate from your diet.  And nothing can be easier to eliminate from your diet than mass-market “sports drinks”.  Especially when there’s a damn good, readily available substitute.

[bctt tweet=”Controlling those elements that you can makes you Wolverine-like to those things you can’t.”] And know this: there’s a lot out there that you’ll never even be able to foresee, much less control.


New School Dips, you say? Yeah, check this out:

So compare this (last Wednesday’s workout) to the more volume intense, bodyweight workout (which included dips) earlier in the week:
A1) Bent over rows: 185/ (5,5), 215 /(5,5,5), 245 /(5, 5,5), (5, 5, 5)
A2) ARX “Shane dip”: 3, 3, 3

Thanks to Efficient Exercise trainer Shane Whitehead for devising this dip variant. It was friggin’ insane.

Hat tip to EE trainer (and new Oklahoma state powerlifting champ!) Bo Alexander for taking a break in his deadlift training to shoot this. And with a surprisingly steady hand, no less!

And just to throw in some comparison looks, let’s checkout what I did the last couple of days of the week.

Saturday, 6/27/15
A1) split squats: bar/5, 5; 75/5, 5 —> shift to reverse lunge (close) at 75/ 5 (all each leg)
A2) Trap bar DL: 245/5,5; 335/5, 385/2, 405/2, 415/1, 425/2

Sunday, 6/28/15
A1) hill sprints x 10 (2x drop-off; 7.21)
B1) muscle up x 2
B2) dips x 15
B3) side-to-side skater hop x 5
10 rounds

My right knee is getting closer and closer to 100%.  If it doesn’t hurry up and get to 100%, I’m going to be forced to turn in my Wolverine card.

Anyway, notice how the rather heavy TBDL session put a hamper on my top-end hill-sprint speed.  I knew this would be the case going in, so I merely shifted the intent of the workout to more of a repeat power event vs the top-end speed work of Monday.  About 1 minute between sprints on Sunday vs a good 5 minutes between sprints Monday.  Totally changes the nature of the workout.

Note: these weren’t the only workouts of the week, just the ones I managed to squeeze in here.  Hopefully I can get back to documenting them all in this forum.

I’m open for discussion is the comments section.


In health, fitness, and ancestral wellness –




  1. Are you aware that taurine is in energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster and can have dangerous side effects? Please do not ever endorse brands that have possibly harmful effects. Gatorade hasn’t killed anyone; taurine filled drinks have.

    • The taurine argument here is a red herring. The high amounts of caffeine and sugar are the real culprits with these drinks and yes, *excessively high* amounts of taurine could add to that. Anything (even micronutrients) follow a dosing bell curve of ineffective to toxic doses.


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