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A round of 7 concentric-only, ARXFit leg presses.
A round of 7 concentric-only, ARXFit leg presses.

I’ve been asked a number of times to do this; a week’s-worth, dip-in-the-river of what I do in a week, workout-wise.

Long time TTP readers can guess the caveats, here: No two weeks are ever the same.  I’m more a wanna-be-fit serial entrepreneur at this point in my life than competitive athlete.  I’ve got more dings than a newbie’s surfboard. I’m a little older now, and hopefully (most of the time), wiser.  That means that the days of beating myself up for the hell of it (i.e., “no balls to…”) are, for the most part, in the past.

There are times, though.  Huh…  😉

So there we go.  Buckle-up, Billy; we’re on our way…

Monday, 6/29/15
A1) FS lunge: 125/(3 each, alt)
6 rounds. Weave A2 & A3 in for final 3 rounds
A2) ARX OHP single
A3) BTN push press: 175/3

What’s up with all those lunges?  Sets and reps, bro; just lighter weight rep after rep after rep.  All in an effort to rehab / restrengthen that right knee.  Did a serious number on it a while back, and I’m slowly getting it back in the game.

So the emphasis here was the overhead work, with the lunges as the “active rest”.   And the key with the overhead work was contrast training; a max effort single, followed by an explosive burst of triples.  The idea being that that the single sets up the “speed” work, and the speed work sets up the max effort single.

Tuesday, 6/30/15
A1) hang cleans: 95/5, 135/5, 185/5, 205/5, 215/3, 3
A2) ARX H press: 2, 2 (with last 2 hang clean sets)

No time to train?  Yeah, neither do I, yet I still figure out a way to get it done; and so can you.  This workout didn’t take any time at all.  Could have subbed dips for ARXFit presses from the get-go and it wouldn’t have added that much more to the total time.

Wednesday, 7/1/15

All Paleo f(x), all day.  The big show is over Memorial Day weekend, 2016.  Can you believe we’re already in hyper planning mode?  Yeah, we are.  This was a full day of A/V pre-production, stretching and foam roller work.

Thursday, 7/2/15
A1) step ups: 95/7ea
A2) front lunge: 95/12 total
A3) chins: 45/7, 70/5
A4) BS tri extensions: 15,
4 rounds

Ramping back up with a fairly easy day.  My days “off” (like Wednesday) are few and far between.  I’d rather keep moving with light days, like this.  Or tempo runs, long fixie rides, etc.

Friday 7/3/15
A1) barbell floor press: 135/10, 185/7, 215/7, 215/ (7,5,3)
A2) RDL/BOR: 135/7, 185/7, 215/5, 5
A3) hang clean: 135/3, 185/3, 215/3, 3
A4) front squat (5 sec pause in the hole): 135/2, 185/(1, 1), 215(1, 1), (1,1)
A5) short-stroke lunge: (body weight) 20, 20, 20, 20

Now we’re getting back into some work.  A little volume barbell work to be specific; all done on the same rack station.  Save for the lunges, of course.  The true emphasis here was on the higher-rep floor press.

Saturday, 7/4/15
7 mile fixie huck
A1) 5 muscle-ups (pull-up bar)
A2) 40 lunges
5 rounds
5 mile fixie huck

How’s that for some lower body volume?

Sunday, 7/5/15
A1) ARXFit concentric only leg press x 5 (to 10% drop-off last set; 7 reps)
A2) Hang clean: 135/5, 165/5, 185/5, 205/3
4 rounds

Check that lead-in pic.  That’s the last round of this workout.  The concentric-only aids in recovery, while still getting some really good work done.  Note 7 reps here vs 5 for the preceding 3 rounds, as I took the last round to a 10% drop off (note the bottom of the green line).  The blue trace indicates the current set (force vs time), with the grey trace representing the previous set.

Just another week in the workout life.  The only thing I know for sure is that this week won’t be the same.

One way or the other, though, I’ll Five T a way to get some good work done.


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