“The difference between Brazil and the rest of the world in soccer, then, is not to be found in economics or any other grand theory, and certainly not in genetics, but in the thousands of futsal pitches that pepper the nation like gold dust. It is to be found in turbo-charged learning. It is to be found in the deep truths of purposeful practice.”
-Matt Syed, Author of Bounce
It's all fun and games...until the EMS arrives....
It’s all fun and games…until the EMS arrives….

There’s just no understated way to put it; this was just damn blistering.

Efficient Exercise trainer Bo Alexander (pictured above) kicked his workout off with a full-body ARXFit throw-down.  I’ll get Bo to do a guest post soon on what those weekly ARXFit sessions at our downtown Austin studio consist of, but let’s just say, for the purposes of this post, that they’re friggin’ intense.

Then he came out to the Rosedale studio to find a dumbbell clean & press (from a lunge position) + overhead carry workout in progress.  Well, what the hell was he gonna do, but join in?  😉

For my part, I’d just primed the wheels with 2 sets of ARXFit leg presses, then dove into the fun.  Specifically, that “fun” consisted of:

A1) DB clean & press from full lunge position (7 left, pause, 7 right) at 45 lbs
A2) overhead carry at 165 — 30 yards down, 30 yards back
5 rounds

And let me tell you: that turn around at the 30 yard mark was friggin’ evil on the core!

And, too, holding that isometric lunge position while performing the DB clean and press is pretty tough on the wheels.  Not to mention “priming” the shoulders for that long overhead hold.

So this is a good point mention that for me (and Efficient Exercise), we don’t need to have a “machine vs free weight” debate. Precisely because we utilize everything at our disposal, when needed, to achieve the desired result.  Can you imagine master carpenters having a “hammer vs table saw” debate?  Of course not, that’d be ridiculous.

The only ignorance in that scenario would be someone using a hammer in a situation where a table saw is the better tool of choice.

For more on that, check out this post: A Walk Through the Five Ts: Tools

Master carpenters don’t even entertain the “best tool” debate (unless it’s a same-tool, quality question).  The only question is, how skilled is the carpenter in using the tool that the situation requires?

To become a master trainer, you have to do the same with the tools of S&C.


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