“The awareness of our own strength makes us modest.” – Paul Cezanne


Effectively overloading the chin — or pull up / pull down (or any such movement) — is incredibly tough, if not outright impossible, to accomplish.  Especially so in the eccentric.  Unless, that is, you have access to ARXFit technology.  Then, BOOM!  Watch the hell out, son!  😉

The screenshot above was taken on set four of a five-set barbell muscle-up / ARXFit chin combination.  What’s depicted here is 2 full repetitions, beginning with the eccentric (think, beginning with chin over the bar, and finish with chin over the bar).  The gray line is my  output from set 3, the blue from the current set.  I have in-the-moment indication of my force output (numerically, and via graphical trace) to chase.  And after the set is complete, I have indication of max force output, intensity (i.e., power) and output (i.e., total work).  I can then use any, or a combination of these, to autoregulate my workout.

That 4th set wound up being my day’s “PR” output for that movement; I fell off the charts in set 5, and pulled the plug.  No need to beat a dead horse.

In the clip below, Messus TTP is going through a 2 x 2 (2 reps, 5 second pause, 2 reps) set of ARXFit chins, with me (being *very* annoying) at the helm.  By the way, I’ve got her starting, for reasons beyond the scope of this post, with the concentric in this set.

As always, making use of available tools, in a very Five Ts kind of way.


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