“You didn’t come into this world.   You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.  You are not a stranger here.” – Alan Watts

Down the rabbit hole we go...
Down the rabbit hole we go…

So, more listening, less reading this time around.

In some respects this is quite a departure from normal TTP fodder.  Some, in fact, may be shocked… shocked, I dare say, and / or truly offended.  But in reality (and as I discuss with my good friend, Roger Dickerman, in the podcast linked below), those who really know me won’t even bat an eye at the content herein.

Disclaimer: the subject of plant medicine may be quite controversial for some readers / listeners.  And I get it; this subject *is not* everyone’s cup of tea.  And please know that this is in no way an endorsement for anyone to do *anything* they are not completely comfortable with.  And know, too, that I’m in no way attempting to push my views on this subject on anyone, either.  I would say that the optimal position in life is to know yourself well enough to be confident in choosing your path, while remaining open to the paths others have chosen for themselves.  We can all learn something from one another.

Yes, it’s true.  The bodybuilder and the Olympic lifter can, indeed, live in harmony.  😉

Now, to say that I am a better trainer, a more savvy entrepreneur, and just an all around more “alive” and open person because of my time spent with plant medicine is, well…the understatement of the century.  Could I have reached the same elevation without the use of plant medicine?  Maybe so; I *personally* know others who have.  Truly exceptional people; spiritual rockstars, if you will.  But that wasn’t my path; I wasn’t called down those routes.

What I am living is my path — my life — and I own it; all the decisions, good and bad.  Just a small piece of the total fabric that makes me, Me. I didn’t ask (at least, I don’t remember asking?) for this thing to go all Alice-in-Wonderland at this point in my life, but hey — the Universe has taken care of me and given me what I’ve needed up to this point; I’ll trust her wisdom here on out.  But damn, what a whiplash ride it’s been!  Chalk this up to one more of the many.

That said, if you’re so inclined, give my recent interview with Roger Dickerman a listen.  And be sure to check out the show notes in that link; they’re excellent.

Also, Tim Ferriss recently released a podcast on the subject of plant medicine.  Check that out here.  Again, with superb show notes.  It’s very good conversation indeed, and is a good augment to my discussion with Roger.


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