Mere change is not growth. Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, and where there is no continuity there is no growth.  -CS Lewis

*That*, son, is serious BBQ contemplation. Next-level transcendental meditation.

“Game changer” is a hackneyed phrase these days, but I’ll be damned if I can think of a better term to use for the movements I’ve been able to associate myself with over the last six years.  Incredible.

My reasons for bailing corporate life were many, but they all pretty much boiled down to one thing: I didn’t feel that I was doing anything to truly change the world.  I wanted a REVOLUTION; Big Pharma simply wanted status quo, and a solid bottom line.

I had the opportunity recently, in Baltimore, to reflect on this.  And more specifically, to reflect on the ideas of inspiration and intentionality. Because the fact of the matter is, I am absolutely driven (inspired) to change the world, and I realize that the only way that can be accomplished is to be relentlessly intentional in pursuit of that goal.

I don’t have all the cures to the world’s ill inside my head, but I do have one powerful idea: that a world changing vision cannot be fully realized through a body that is weak and diseased.  There are many legitimate reasons for wanting to be as healthy as possible; a spectrum ranging from pure vanity (lookin’ good nekkid) to extreme athletic prowess.  I know; I’ve pursued fitness for just about every one of those reasons at some point in my life.  And I think any of those reasons can serve in a positive way depending on one’s life situation.

But more to the point: my life’s work and, truly, my reason for getting up and kicking ass each morning, is based firmly on the idea that I can affect healthy bodies, and healthy bodies can change the world. That is to say, a great idea locked inside of a diseased body is going to have a very tough time manifesting itself in the world.  That idea is going to need a finely-tuned vehicle to sustain all the pushback that’s going to come from a happy-with-status-quo world.  I know; I’ve been there.  And I’m still fighting the fight, daily.  It’s a grind that an unhealthy Keith would never be able to sustain.  Not only are strong people hard to kill (cred to Mark Rippitoe), but the ideas born of strong people are just as hard to extinguish as well.

I’ve written before about the four pillars of fitness, and how that’s not just a notion in my mind, but is actually how I make my living.  I have (nor do I want), a safety net.  But I’m not just concerned with the financial viability of  these companies, I work to make them world-changers.  I’m simply not interested in second-best with any of the entities in which I’m a part of.  We’ve made Efficient Exercise the preeminent boutique exercise studios in the nation, and ARXFit the most cutting-edge exercise technology the world has ever seen. Paleo f(x), of course, has changed the lives of thousands — and we’ve only just begun on that front.

But as I sit here at 30-thousand feet in the air, on my way back to Austin, reflecting back on a life-changing ID Life event in Baltimore, I know, too, that the last pillar that I put into place — the quality supplementation piece — is nothing less than world-changing as well. This four-pronged attack — smart exercise, leveraging technology, adherence to an evolutionary-based diet and lifestyle, and utilization of the highest quality care and supplementation available — is, quite simply, an unbeatable combination.

You can’t prevent aging, in a chronological sense; you can sure as hell can age well, though.  That’s what I want to see for everybody.

But life is about having some fun, too, and that includes eating some righteous BBQ with your best friends.  Listen in as I have a post workout discussion with Corben Thomas, of  We dive into a lot of stuff here.  What’s cool about this is, it’s really no different than a conversation I’d have normally.  In fact, I kind of forgot we were taping at all.  Be a fly on the wall, and listen in as we wax poetic on all manner of S&C.

And by the way, that’s Corben’s beer in the pic; I’m knocking back Monkey Shoulder on the rocks.  WTF with the beer, Corben?? Feel free to give him copious amounts of shit about that.  😉

Check out the podcast, here:

Oh, and we get into some fairly deep autoregulation talk in this podcast as well.  For more on that subject, check out this post.

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