“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” – African proverb

It's fixin' to get pretty gnarly for Mr. Steele, here
It’s fixin’ to get pretty gnarly for Mr. Steele, here.  Bringing ARXFit to the Britts; Swindon, UK

The following is a guest post from my good friend and stellar Efficient Exercise trainer Bo Alexander.

In addition to training and writing prowess, Bo is a hell of a powerlifter, and is most recently the Oklahoma state U23 (181 class) champion.  He’s done a masterful job at figuring out how to leverage an ultra-innovative S&C tool (ARXFit technology) into building a better barbell strength athlete.  And that’s no easy task, as he’s essentially creating a new class of programming, using himself as a Guinea pig.  And I like that, because it sounds a lot like what I do!  Minus the powerlifting prowess, haha 😉

But seriously, Bo’s the epitome of the smart, driven, innovative and entrepreneurial type of person that I not only like to be around, but look for to hire at Efficient Exercise.

I encourage you to check out more of Bo’s writing here, at his blog.

And do it fast, kids; Syncronicity is near.  Along with a cornucopia of Fight Club / Terminator mixed metaphors…

Literary snobs be gone. The liberal use of mixed metaphors here is apropos.
Literary snobs be gone. The liberal use of mixed metaphors here is apropos.

Here’s Bo’s piece –

Welcome to Fight-club Friday

Imagine a world in which Fight Club and the Terminator were compiled into one cohesive movie experience. A group of men gather together after years of fighting each other for social dominance until the rise of the machines… thus forcing a man vs. machine battle to stave off the apocalypse.

Now imagine a somewhat less dramatic real-world scenario in which we were always guessing and comparing ourselves to what other people could lift. “How much ya bench bra?”  Remember when that was the only thing you needed to know to compare strength and manliness? Times are changing; we are making progress. The machines are here, and the future of exercise and resistance training is forever changed. Fight club is man vs. an unstoppable, max effort ARXFit (Adaptive Resistance eXercise) with the capability of knowing all of our previous bouts.  The ARXFit, like the Terminator, has “detailed files”.

The Efficient Exercise team have changed the rules in creating what we now call “Fight Club Friday.” Fight Club Friday is a once per week, all out, maximum intensity routine in which we fight against our most challenging opponent… not the machine per say, but ourselves.


The first rule of Fight Club is...
The first rule of Fight Club is…

Rule 1: We talk pretty often. (In fact, we don’t stop talking about it…)

According to Fight Club’s rules, “You don’t talk about fight club.” This is not the case with us. We have new people each week joining up with our crew of Efficient Exercise Trainers & ARXFit team to use the once-a-week ARXFit workout as an opportunity to go, as Keith would say, “ballz out.” But we also use this experience to sharpen our craft. We often talk throughout the week about ways we can test, and improve the way we operate within Efficient Exercise as well as with our ARX equipment, ways to best bring efficient health and exercise to the masses.   

Rule 2: Only one person in a fight.

The African proverb which opened this piece states “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” The only opponent in this fight is your past self. Sure, I have the capability to try and out press Keith, if that were possible… but your best indicator of progress will be how you have performed in comparison to yourself and we see it to the tenth-of-a-percent against any set we’ve ever performed.

Bo vs Machine...
Bo vs the Machines…

Rule 3: You’re going true 100% every second.

Rule 3 is made possible by our ARXfit technology, allowing us to use adaptive resistance so that every second of exercise is exactly the amount of force that we can produce in both the concentric and eccentric range. For more on that, see Keith’s post ARXFit and the Perfect Rep.

The only way you are going to beat your previous best, is by doing your current best — and sometimes that still won’t be good enough when considering external factors like recovery, energy demand and fuel sources.  

Cheap seat comment from Keith:

And that, kids, is all about autoregulation.  For more on that, check out Autoregulation and the Chaos Monkey.

Ever wonder what happened to Sarah "the perfect female" Connor?
Ever wonder what happened to Sarah “the perfect female” Connor?


...she's tatted-up and training clients at Efficient Exercise
Well… she’s tatted-up and training clients now, at Efficient Exercise


This is How We Do it:

Once per week, Friday being our day of choice, we perform the same routine, reps, sets, and exercises in order to try and control all variables.

There's just no friggin' escape....
There’s just no friggin’ escape….



On all exercises we are currently using a routine of 4 sets, 2 repetitions, in a rest-pause fashion trying to limit rest to 5 seconds. With the ability to perform maximum eccentric and concentric repetitions, our central nervous system will stop signaling the muscle to contract before it reaches our desired percentage of inroad or fatigue, which we also keep the same every set & rep.

The following exercise are performed in this order:

ARX Leg Press
ARX Horizontal Row
ARX Omni Horizontal Chest Press

Additional work as needed or if testing is in order.

Additions such as deadlifts, pull-downs, belt squats and even some isolation movements to keep our joints and muscles nice and healthy. Some of the brave will even follow this up with some heavy overhead holds or some sled pulls to really make some room for BBQ’d meats, long conversations about life, sports, and exercise, and maybe even some Gelato from a local favorite, Teo’s, here in Austin. Which brings us to Rule 4…


Rule 4: If time permits, consume BBQ and alcoholic beverages with your fight club comrades afterward.

In a perfect world, we collaborate and surround ourselves with the brightest minds we can all while consuming copious amounts of meat and whiskey. Big shout out to Efficient Exercise trainer, Shane Whitehead, for the intro the wonder that is Freedman’s Friday Happy Hour specials.

Fight Club Friday’s are not only about the growth of our gunz, pecs, and fulfilling my life-long dream of becoming “The Quad-father” but also about growing the knowledge of our team, learning from each other and educating and dominating the future of health and fitness.

Bo Alexander
Efficient Exercise
Austin, Texas

So there you have it.  Excellent stuff from one of Efficient Exercise’s finest, Bo Alexander.


In health, fitness, and Ancestral Wellness –





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