“If everyone is thinking alike then somebody isn’t thinking.” – George S. Patton


High Intensity Interval Resistance Training (or, HIIRT; overview here) is a perfect example of what comes of working a goal — in this case, to get as healthy and swole as possible, with a minimum time investment — through the Five Ts process.  In fact, our Efficient Exercise business model hinges on creating the best possible method for people to get fit on a very limited time budget.  Add to that mix over-the-top customer service, the best trainers in the business and proven results, and you have the key ingredients for what makes Efficient Exercise the finest line of boutique training studios in the nation.

Toward that end, Paleo Fitness Magazine asked me recently to write an article describing, in much more detail than I’ve done previously, what my HIIRT methodology is all about.  You can pick that article up in the Nov / Dec 2015 issue, here.

Now I’ve said many times that there is nothing magical about a great physique and fantastic health. It’s simply the result of consistency in implementing smart and dedicated work with unbridled passion. That’s it; and I think this is something we all know.  However, there is a HUGE difference between knowing and actually DOING.

HIIRT, then, is just one example outcome of what parsing a goal through the Five Ts process looks like.  My personal workouts look very different because my goals and Five Ts are different; the biggest differentiator being that I’m able (and willing) to devote much more time to the muscle-building process.

So check out that article and see what you think.  Direct any questions you might have to the TTP discussion group and we’ll work through them.

And don’t forget to pick up your FREE Five Ts ebook, here.  It’s a much expanded version of my blog posts on the subject.  And really, you’ll need to have a good grasp of these concepts for any of the follow-on discussion to make much sense.

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  1. INTENSITY is what lifting is all about (or should be about). If you aren’t going to failure on every set (with most of your lifts – there are obviously lifts you shouldn’t go to failure on) you aren’t lifting intensely enough, meaning you either aren’t lifting enough weight or doing enough reps. Every set you don’t hit failure on is just a warm up!

    You don’t have to take my word for it though… do whatever you wanna do! But at the end of the day, just remember to step back and ask yourself “so how’s that workin’ out for you?”

    If you aren’t seeing results, maybe you should try something new 😉


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