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My idea of some Friday afternoon fun...
My idea of some Friday afternoon fun…


I find so many correlations between sports, successful training and a successful entrepreneurial life.

“Individuals play the game, teams win championships” is something that ID Life CEO Logan Stout is fond of saying.  Simple, but so very true.  And that little bit of wisdom applies as much in the boardroom as it does on the field.  Surround yourself with people who are better than you.  Play up; punch above your weight class.  If you’re the smartest guy in the room, you’re in the wrong goddamn room.

Consistency is another theme.  You better be smart, that’s a given.  But smart choices alone won’t absolve you of still having to grind. Smart only allows you entry to the “show”; the ability for the grind to be effective.   The difference between a street-fight with no payoff, and a chance to fight for the title.

And do yourself a huge favor, and quit waiting for “someday”.  Clinging to the idea that there is a perfect game plan, training program, or business model just gives us an(other) excuse to underperform.  “It’s the program’s fault”, you tell yourself.  “The game plan was full of unexposed holes”. If you’re waiting for perfect, you’re gonna wait your entire life.  “Perfect” is an illusion of the under performer.  Your competition is better than you for no other reason than they made more out of the same (or even worse) circumstance than you.  You gotta grind with what you’ve got, son.

This “waiting for perfect” type of thinking removes us from fault; allows us to ease into the “mediocracy coast”.  It’s not us, it’s the:

finicky customers
crooked partners
my genes
your steroids!

Uhhhhh…yeah.  You get the idea.  All of this gives us the out not to have to GRIND.  It gives us an excuse not to adjust stance in the face of a 3-2, bottom-of-the-9th pitch.

Which is cool if you want to be, or remain… mediocre.  No judgements here; just telling it like it is.

But if you’re truly looking to succeed — in whatever endeavor — you’re going to have to script, pivot and grind.  Without excuses. And without a “failure” mindset.

It’s not “failure” after all, it’s only feedback.

Toward that idea, check out the latest podcast I did with the “Corporate Warrior” himself, Lawrence Neal.  We cover plenty of ground in this interview.  Much of it riffs on the ideas mentioned above.

And you should know: this is not just some lame, airy-fairy philosophy with no real-world application.  And this doesn’t only apply to high-end entrepreneurship, either.  A quick example of script, pivot, grind in real life?  I can think of no better application than this: growin’ dem gunz, son.

The “script” going in?  Bis, tris and finishing off the back and traps from the prior day’s volume deadlift day.   All according to plan.

Except that my back was more baked from all of that volume than I’d thought it would be.  That meant bis and tris would get more work than anticipated.  Add to this my time was cutting cut more short than I’d figured on.  So I “pivoted” away from blast strap (aka, “TRX”) arm work to heavy barbell work.

And the “grind”?  Sets, reps and intensity.  Smart?  Of course.  but still doin’ the hard work.


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