One size does not fit all.  In fact, it fits no one in particular.ID Life Chief Formulator, Paul Sullivan

So these two require the same, diet, workout prescription and supplement regimen right? Right…. 😉

Yes, we are all human beings and, as such, operate under the same laws of human physiology.   But within that generalization, we have genetic variance, and holding even more sway upon our individuality are the epigenetic (here and here) influences upon our selves.  And those epigenetic influences — some of which are within our control, some of which not — are powerful, to say the least.

Toward that end, I’d like you to check out the short video below.  And hat tip to my BioChem PhD. little sis, Tracy Nicholson, for the find.

Also, if you’d be so kind, please VOTE for these guys in their Educational Video of the Year contest.  The more this kind of information proliferates, the better.

Personalization, of course, goes well beyond diet.  It’s why we create personalized workouts for each Efficient Exercise client, and why individualization is so highly emphasized at Paleo f(x).   It’s why we’ve integrated instantaneous biofeedback on the already space-age ARXFit technology…

Instantaneous feedback; realtime motivation.
Instantaneous feedback; realtime motivation.


…and that I’m such an ardent believer in pinpointed, personalized supplementation is why I’m partnered with ID Life, and why ID Nutrition is part of my daily routine.

N=1 is powerful; personalization makes sense.  Individuality is the spice of life.

And yes, in many profound ways, you are a special snowflake. Cura Personalis.


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