Successful entrepreneurship can only thrive in an environment of good health — Me! ¬†ūüėČ

The Collective: Heath Entrepreneurs f(x). These people are changing the world.
The Collective: Heath Entrepreneurs f(x). These people are changing the world.

Paleo f(x) 2016 is now in the books, and it was, simply put, an unmitigated success. Not only financially, but from personal fulfillment, “I’m here to change the world” perspective as well. ¬†And it’s quite easy to see why the show blew the doors off of even our lofty expectations. ¬†This show and its surrounding events are essentially¬†a four-days-long showcase of the entrepreneurial spirit; the living embodiment of Bryan Franklin’s The Last Safe Investment.

I think one of the big misconceptions about Paleo f(x) is that we’re simply about bacon, butter, barbells, beards and coffee… with a smattering of science to keep it all “legit”. ¬†That notion, I’m here to say, is dead wrong.

So then, what are we about? ¬†Quite simply, we’re about soul, and sustainability. Not the foo-foo / woo side of those ideas, but the “we’re here to change the world for the better” side of those notions; using science as a lever to wedge¬†the world into a better place than we found it.

And though food-related issues are much discussed at our show, we see “food freedom” as only a part of the larger sustainability issue. ¬†A very important part, to be sure; still, though, only a piece of that complex puzzle. ¬†The higher octave, so to speak, is in insuring¬†the sustainability of YOU. ¬†Your resilience to economic, emotional and physical turmoil. ¬†Your personal development. The proper epigenetic environment must be in place to support and underpin that foundation of your inner entrepreneurial warrior. ¬†So in this way, soul and sustainability form the Yin and Yang of Paleo f(x). ¬†That,¬†at its core, is what we are.

My good friend (and fellow Austinite), Alex Charfen, produced this clip during #PFX16.  I think it deftly embodies the soul of the Paleo f(x) experience in a mere 1:16.

So keep an eye out for upcoming soul and sustainability-intensive, Paleo f(x) events. ¬†We can’t wait to roll out the next.

We’ve also just unveiled Paleo f(x)TV, a Netflix-like, subscription video service. Unlimited access to the best content from our events, right from the comfort of your desktop, laptop, tablet, smart TV, or mobile device.

And for the grittier side of things, be sure to join the “swole tribe” in my Theory to Practice Facebook group. ¬†Pretty much every workout I do is cataloged there, and open for discussion. ¬†So if you’re curious as to how this entrepreneur juggles physical fitness within the confines of a grueling day-to-day schedule, here’s your chance for an inside glimpse.

Heal thyself. ¬†Harden thyself. Change the world —



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