“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – Carl Jung 

The Constructive Company crew!
The Constructive Company crew!

In today’s post, I thought I’d just riff a bit on a couple of the *many* pearls of wisdom I picked up at last week’s Constructive Company entrepreneurial mastermind event, here in Austin, Texas.

I love these type events.  Because not only does great creative thinking emerge from placing brilliant, entrepreneurial minds in the “rock tumbler” of a mastermind setting, but practical take-aways emerge as well.  And as we all know, great ideas are powerless unless we can figure out a way to implement them in the real world.

Theory to practice, as it were.  Ideas titillate the mind and soul, but action is what changes the world.

Here we go:

Logic is an app, not the operating system – Jesse Elder

So much could be said about this single thought.  In fact, an entire workshop could could be framed around this idea alone.

Think of how our culture worships logic, science, and that which can be “proven”.  The RCT.  Spreadsheets. Deductive reasoning.

And logic is no doubt a formidable tool in the toolbelt; it’s essential  to navigating this world.  But it’s just that: one tool that, in the hands of a skilled craftsman, can produce a remarkable product.

But we cannot be blind to the pitfalls surrounding the very science that we esteem.  Nor can we fail to consider that every piece of ground-breaking science was once considered illogical “woo”.  That the sun was the center of the universe was once considered Copernican craziness; a notion that Galileo later suffered greatly for in defending.

Albert Einstein nailed it in this regard when he said, “logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”.


As a house cannot be built with a framing hammer alone, so can a good life not be built on logic at the expense of other truth identifying tools.  Intuition, gut instinct, emotion.  These absolutely have their place as well.  It’s a cliche now that us “woo apologists” have propagated, but I don’t need an RCT to prove to me the effectiveness of parachutes or dynamite.

And along the same lines, if you’re waiting for a study to spell out for you the best way to train or eat…

…well, let’s just say you’re going to be waiting for a very long time.


Kilroy was here. And now, time to leave my mark on the Charfen office wall.
Kilroy was here. And now, time to leave my mark on the Charfen office wall.

Death of the scarcity mentality

The abundance mindset is also applicable to talent…

and the close corollary to that point:

The doors of success and opportunity fling wide open once an entrepreneur understands that it’s “not what can my team do for me?”, but rather it’s,  “what can I do for my team?”

Both of those statements by Alex Charfen.

Think about both of those statements for a moment.  Then think about how the mindset in entrepreneurship has begun to shift.

Successful entrepreneurship today requires partnering and team building; it necessitates talent identification, and bolstering the innate strengths of team members.

As a tool, top down management is no longer effective.  It’s like using a sledgehammer to finesse a finishing nail.

The management process now looks very much like coaching.   In fact, successful entrepreneurship is successful coaching; the playing environment and goals are simply different.  But the approach, and what is ultimately required to win, though, are strikingly similar. Which is why I’m drawn to the endeavor.  That entrepreneurship so very much mirrors coaching athletic performance reflects an extension of who, at my core, I already am.

Talent identification.  Team building.  Motivation. The psychology behind coaching the best performance from an individual. Hell, you can even see elements of periodization, autoregulation, waving and weaving and HIIRT application in what is required of managing in the new millennium.

More on this in a later post, but I truly believe my lack of traditional business schooling has actually been a benefit to me in my current entrepreneurial efforts.  But only because I was so well steeped in what successful sports coaching looked like.


Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world –






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