“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house”  ~ Audre Lorde

Uhhh….not that kinda cat; this kind:

I’ve discussed the benefits of Compensatory Acceleration Training (CAT) previously, in this post.  Also covered in that post is how I utilize ARXFit technology to enhance the benefits derived from CAT.

The variables I play with when utilizing CAT for any particular movement are force production and speed.  ARXFit allows for maximum force development throughout any single point within the concentric movement.  That’s a huge training advantage! However, I’m restricted in my ability to manipulate the actual speed of the movement, and this is where smart adjustment of band tension comes into play.  The bottom line is that for maximum overall training effect, both methodologies should be utilized. In essence, we have to effectively surf the force-velocity curve.

For example, the next time I perform a dip movement, I’m likely to opt for max force development (over actual speed of movement), and will therefore utilize the ARXFit decline press.  This is all part of the overarching wave-and-weave structure of my training philosophy.

The day’s workout was as follows:

A1) ARXFit Omni pulldown single

A2) banded dips (speed!): bodyweight + purple and black band x 3

7 rounds

One more thing on the subject of CAT.  The scientific literature implies that the actual speed of a movement doesn’t matter; that’s it’s all about the intent to move fast.  There does seem to be some truth to that in non-athlete populations.  However, it’s been my field experience that actual speed of movement is vitally important in the training of competitive athletes.  That is to say, where fractions of seconds (and high force development in those fraction of seconds) matters, then a portion of training does have to actually be fast.  In other words, even in a high-tech world, there is still a place for old school bands.  And there’s merit to the Westside / Conjugate dynamic effort (DE) method, which I utilized today with the dip setup.


Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world ~




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