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Note: if you haven’t already, you’re going to need to read this post to get caught up on what this is all about.

Quick update on how things are going so far on the 40 gram/day fish oil experiment.  The short of it is, I’m still rockin’ & rollin’ and feeling GREAT.

I would have thought that by this point (3 weeks in) that I’d be absolutely repulsed by even the mere thought of horsing down yet another dose.  That hasn’t been the case.  The folks who are a week or so ahead of me on this hack have reported an aversion to the thought of each dose (after about week 3), but as of yet, that hasn’t hit me.

I do seem to be a bit of an outlier, though, and I’ll try to highlight and elaborate on those areas below.

And, too, remember most all of this is subjective.  That is, we’re not doing periodic blood draws, etc.  The point of this run is precisely to get those subjective markers in place, and use those to inform a more robust citizen science effort moving forward.  However, I will be doing another Holman Omega 3 test once I’ve completed the test run.  (see thisthis and this for info about my previous Holman tests)

So without further ado, some week 3, bullet point highlights:

  • The appetite blunting effect I reported last time was completely gone by the end of the first week.  And I was ravenous the week my appetite did reappear… as if I were making up for lost time.  The other few on this hack maintained blunted appetites throughout the course of the month.  The sugar / carb craving blunting effect is still present, however, and this seems to have hung on with all of us in the initial test group.  As is my norm, I’m still on a high fat, moderate protein and scant carb diet, with no urge to eat otherwise.
  • The mental /visual / mood enhancement I reported after the first week is still present.  It may even be more heightened.  I’m reluctant to report that, though, because it is such a subjective measure.  What I can say, though, is that I feel great!
  • My workouts have been consistent, with little change there, good or bad.  My body weight, strength and endurance has remained consistent throughout.
  • I did have some deep massage / body work done in which the masseuse commented on how limber I was, and that my fascia was extraordinarily “slippery”.  A single point of subjective reference; take it for what it’s worth.
  • A few others in the core test group (there are 5 of us by the way) have reported a blunting of thirst. Blunted, that is, to the point where the have to remind themselves to drink lest they take on symptoms of dehydration.  This has not been the case for me; my hydration signaling has remained unaffected.
  • On day 12 I suffered a bout of dizziness that was almost debilitating.  Kind of like the worst hangover you’ve ever had… but without the gastro-intestinal distress.  Oddly though, my appetite remained completely unaffected.  In fact, I gorged on BBQ that day (I just had to prop myself up to do so).  As lipids do pull toxins from deep in the body’s tissues (oil pulling, for example), this may have been what was going on here.  Over the course of the day I took approximately 20 activated charcoal capsules and by the following day, I was fine.
  • Strangely, my perspiration and breath does not reek of fish.  I seriously thought this would be a major concern /drawback.  I remember the old days of DMSO garlic breath, and thought the same would happen here.  A horrible prospect, indeed! And, too (and possibly even as strange) I’m not put off by the thought of eating fish.  I still dive into a few cans of sardines a week (my in-a-pinch go-to), and tuna salad still sounds like a win.

What’s next?

In another week I’ll taper back down to my normal 4 grams / day dose which is included in my ID Nutrition.  I’ll also grab another Holman Omega 3 test and compare it to this one.   I’ll use that test as the baseline since little has changed for me diet or lifestyle-wise since that test was drawn.

I’m also wondering what (if any) the “saturation point” is here.  Would a one or two week blast, followed by say a 4 gram (or so) maintenance dose be enough to realize and maintain the same positives? Again, another question for future runs.

And a caveat: even though it’s February, I’m trying to get as much direct sunlight per day as possible.  Something I plan on going into in future posts, but I do believe sunlight is the direct catalyst to every biochemical action in the body.  I do think the body has mechanisms in place to “limp along”, in a biochemical sense, in the absence of direct sunlight, but it’s just that: limping along versus gliding. Surviving versus thriving.

More to come.

Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world –



  1. Interesting progress report.

    One concern I meant to raise earlier had to do with anticlotting properties of Omega 3’s. At megadoses like this, do you have any concern about not getting sufficient blood clotting in the event of an accident or injury that leads to bleeding? (This is a concern brought up on a number of medical web sites.)

    • Yep, it is for sure a concern, Craig. I’ll note how it is we safely screen for that issue in my wrap-up post. Also of note: I wiped-out on my skateboard a couple of days ago, and cut cut up pretty badly. My blood clotting was as normal, and I had some nice road rash and a couple of deep gashes flowing. So while I didn’t bleed-out, it is a testament to the fact that not even can dose fish oil can cure a serious case of dumb-ass 😉

  2. The reports of clotting issues are weak to bad science. I’ve read quite a bit on the subject and this urban myth comes from one very poor study. But hey that was enough to put fluoride in our water. lol. Howerever, there are concerns of contraindications with certain medicines.


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