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Rage Against the Machine

Can the Paleo f(x) tribe affect the medical-insurance-Big Ag Industrial Complex?  We intend to find out!


Our Generation’s Civil Rights Movement

In this podcast/videocast, I speak with our man in DC — Paleo f(x) Policy Advisor, Michael Ostrolenk — on the state of healthcare reform and our efforts to shift the conversation in Washington from a debate on the allocation of resources to one of accountability for improved health results.  Accountability on the part of the individual, and on the part of the health care practitioner.

Fixing healthcare in this country is indeed no simple task.  The problems are many, and the tentacles of previous bad policy decisions are inextricably entwined.  All of which means that there is no one single solution, but many contributing components.

That is to say, fixing this problem in totality will be akin to bettering a multi-dimensional Rubik’s Cube.

The one thing we can say for certain though is this: YOU are, and always have been, the sovereign of your own health and wellbeing.  And the first step in our digging out of this morass begins with you.

Offloading that responsibility to any outside entity (your doctor, the government, your insurance company) is largely how we got in this mess to begin with.  And playing the blame game at this point won’t do anything to fix the problem.  It’s just so much wasted energy.

That’s not to say that government / private sector collusion doesn’t play a massive role; it most certainly does.  But that merely brings us back around to the fact that YOU are responsible for your own health and wellbeing.  And when we as a nation begin to take that responsibility to heart is the moment in time we begin to right this sinking ship.

More on that idea, here.

Paleo f(x) goes to Washington

The “personal responsibility first” ethos is one you might imagine a prototypical Libertarian like me to trumpet.

However, we cannot avoid the fact that, due to the entanglement of government and private-sector entities within the industrial sick care system, the importance of working with government, at least in the short term, to ensure that:

  • people are receiving the right messages as it relates to diet and health.  If you think you’re immune to messaging and propaganda in this day and age, please see the fine documentary, Merchants of Doubt
  • government subsidies (if they continue to exist at all) actually support the health of our citizens and the sustainability of our food system
  • licensing and accreditation agencies are actually supporting the best outcomes for the end user

That last point is paramount.  Because as I mentioned in my talk with Mr. Ostrolenk, disease management in the US is the only system that I’m aware of where one can turn a profit while demonstrating absolutely zero benefits (in the form of health improvement) to the end user.

Would you tolerate the same from your mechanic, plumber, or personal trainer?

Of course not.  You expect results from these trades.  And you’d fire them immediately for non-performance.

So how is it that a licensed medical professional, following standard care for treatment in the US, can show zilch improvement for a given medical condition (diabetes, for example) and still get paid?  And quite handsomely, no less?

That’s just one travesty (of many!) that we intend to rail against while in Washington.

Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world ~



  1. Good work. And complimentary to that of Trans-Evolutionary Fitness’ Evolving Mind Renaissance aiming at taking our version of the same message to the overlooked, disenfranchised grassroots where ‘patients’ might just as well be called ‘customers’ with transition to ‘drugs for life’ treating surrogate illnesses as bullshit ‘preventative care’ – all with horrible side effects.

    Paleo is very much the rallying point for the transition from Physical Culture to Evolving Life Culture including mind, body, spirit as whole, integrative generative personality. Our ‘health care’ system is the latests version of ideological, dogmatic mind control, with government, insurance, Big Pharma and medical boards acting as today’s Holy Inquisition for preventing heretics like us! Well, we know too damned well that outlaw gnostic based mavericks tipped the scale invading monolithic consciousness, opening the gates of illumination, bringing us The Latin Renaissance – now it’s our job with Survival of the Wisest as next evolution to seriousl update the Renaissance.

    Thanks, Brother Keith

    • Indeed. It’s up to us and others who have “awaken” to the reality of the status quo to spread the word and fight the good fight.


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