Discussing the nitty-gritty of keto. Left to right: your’s truly, Leanne Vogel, Meesus TTP.  Paleo f(x) booth, KetoCon; Austin, Texas

What is the Ketogenic diet?  What are the practical applications of Keto for weight loss, general health and wellness, and athletic performance?  Can the keto diet be therapeutic in treating epilepsy and traumatic brain injury?

These were just some of themes covered this year at the KetoCon event in Austin, Texas.

That “everything old is new again” should come as little shock to those of you who’ve been in the physical culture game for a while.  And yeah, this applies to the current “keto craze” as well.  Hell, I remember devouring Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale’s work back in the mid-80s.  That being in the midst of the “no fat” craze.

Y’all, if leg warmers or baggy bodybuilder pants come back into vogue, I’m going off the grid.

I’m only half joking…

But as it relates to diet, we have a whole new generation of physical culturalists who haven’t been exposed to the Keto idea, and so I’m thrilled that this information is reemerging.  I’m also encouraged by the amount of credible research being done as it relates to the therapeutic applications of the Keto diet in seizure control and TBI recovery.

Food truly is medicine.

Check out this talk Meesus TTP and I had with Leanne Vogel, author of The Keto Diet.  I appreciate Leanne’s very approachable take on what can be an extremely complicated subject.  Her approach fits right in line with the TTP ethos: if more information were the answer, we’d all be billionaires with 6-pack abs. In other words, she’s all about the “hows”. 

We cover some interesting topics here, including:

  • keto while traveling
  • keto and women’s hormones
  • counting macros vs keto strips vs acetone breath analysis
  • keto and supplementation
  • cyclic keto and athletic performance


Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world –




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