A tDCS brain stimulation session in progress…


Progress report for the Big Cat:

  • We’re down a little over 12 lbs.  I’m excited to see the next DEXA because I can tell we’re putting on some good muscle mass at the same time that fat is melting off.
  • The diet is dialed-in (keto, with pinpointed carb cycling) and we’re beyond the “carb flu” period, the symptoms of which — profound brain fog and lack of energy — were much mitigated by judicious use of ID Life LEAN.
  • We’ll next begin work on improving sleep hygiene and patterns (we’re dealing with an inverted cortisol cycle at the moment) and complete smoking cessation.  Grappling with both of those at the same time is going to be challenging.
  • We’re waving intensities and weaving modalities; employing every aspect of the Five Ts for Fitness.  We happen to have a park that’s a short bike ride away (see the video below), and we’ve been putting that to use quite a bit.
  • And on the subject of biking: when your trainer/lifestyle coach doesn’t own a car, you know you’re going to spend A LOT of time in the saddle.   We ARE, all of us, obligate movers and opportunistic eaters by design.  Knowing that helps both define our daily needs, as well as helps control (or at least understand) our cravings.
  • We understand now the root cause of the heroin addiction: a profound lack of purpose.  No connection.  No contribution.  No sense of tribe.  Apprenticeships in both Paleo f(x) and ID Life are changing that.  We’re moving from a past of the American dead-end job (Just Over Broke) to a new life of empowered entrepreneurship.



It’s exciting for me to witness the rebirth of this spectacular young man.  Entropy, Shiva, and human will work in mysterious ways.

Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world ~





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