Any of this sound familiar?

“I’ve got this laundy-list of symptoms that I *know* are real… but my doctor just thinks they are all in my mind”.

“I’m a super-successful CEO – why can I *not* stop myself from eating that damn bag of cookies every night?”

“I work hard and play even harder. What are the *best* recovery tools on the market?”

“Worms? Gut parasites!? YUCK! How do I rid myself of *that*?”

“I don’t want my kids to suffer the same health issues I’ve had to overcome. How do I best set them up for success?”

“What is the ROI and cost/benefit ratio for SARMs and PEDs?”

“My brain feels like it’s stuffed with industrial-grade insulation. I can’t concentrate, follow-through, or do any meaningful creative work. HELP!”

“Why is this stubborn fat hanging on? I’ve tried EVERYTHING!”

“OK, I get it – if there’s such thing as a silver bullet, strength training is it. But where do I start? What do I do? I *don’t* want to waste time spinning my wheels.”

“Everything (and I do mean *everything*) I eat throws me into an autoimmune tailspin. What do I do?”

These are just a few of the many, MANY questions questions that I had the pleasure of deep-diving into with the 30+ interviews I did for Health Hacker f(x), my upcoming online summit extravaganza.

These are *not* your run-of-the-mill, sound-bite answer, short-form interviews. We took the time the plumb the depths of each expert’s insight to bring YOU the most actionable knowledge and gameplans for improving your health and for putting a capital V back into your vitality and vibrancy.

Your health matters to you – and it matters to me, too! Join me for this *free* online experience. You’ll be glad you did.

If you’re broken, we’ll help you recover. If you’re a high performer, we’ll double-down on your output.

No health or performance stone goes unturned in this summit.

So sign up, dig in, and create an actionable plan for becoming the best YOU possible.

I’ll see ya on the inside!

Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world


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Keith Norris is a former standout athlete, a military vet, and an elite strength and conditioning expert with over 35 years of in-the-trenches experience. As a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness space, he is an owner, co-founder and Chief Development Officer of the largest Paleo conference in the world, Paleo f(x) . As well, Keith is a partner in one of the most innovative lines of boutique training studios in the nation, Efficient Exercise. He’s also a partner in ARXFit training equipment, and a founding member of ID Life. In his spare time, he authors one of the top fitness blogs in the health and wellness sphere, Theory To Practice.


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