In Portugal, the country where drug use has been decriminalized since 2001, addiction, according to the locals, is a non-issue.  No drug addicted zombies in the streets. No drug-associated turf wars.  No societal chaos. No fear; no drug war to fight.  To them, legalization just makes common sense.

Chew on that for a moment.

I walked downtown Lisbon well after midnight and…nothing.  Nothing, that is, except many nice people willing to bridge the language barrier so as to help a couple of lost tourists looking for a nightcap and something good to eat after a long day of traveling.

No one chooses to become an addict.  They fall into addiction for a myriad of reasons mostly attributed to a lethal combination of ripe environment and loss of personal meaning.  Both of which can be rectified with proper treatment. At a fraction of the cost — both in a real money sense, and in the societal fabric, i.e, quality of life.

Societies, like people have shadow sides.  What is repressed will always squeeze out sideways, manifesting in a laundry list of negative repercussions.

Drag those shadows into the light and they lose their power to control.

Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world –

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Keith Norris is a former standout athlete, a military vet, and an elite strength and conditioning expert with over 35 years of in-the-trenches experience. As a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness space, he is an owner, co-founder and Chief Development Officer of the largest Paleo conference in the world, Paleo f(x) . As well, Keith is a partner in one of the most innovative lines of boutique training studios in the nation, Efficient Exercise. He’s also a partner in ARXFit training equipment, and a founding member of ID Life. In his spare time, he authors one of the top fitness blogs in the health and wellness sphere, Theory To Practice.


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