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What are the odds of your being here?  Of your specific, conscious conglomeration of dancing stardust, making your unique dent in the universe?  At precisely this moment in time?

One in 400 trillion is a number I’ve heard.  Which is a rather mind-numbingly inconceivable number.  

I prefer the Buddhist explanation, which is something like this: imagine a singular turtle, paddling away in the vastness of all the combined oceans. Now heave a life preserver at random into that expanse. The odds of that singular turtle surfacing with his head in the ring?  Those are your odds of being born in this realm, at this time and place.

But however you define it though, the chances of your being the “swiftest sperm in the lot” (just one of the near-innumerable variables) is immense.

Live life every day like the miracle you are.

Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world –

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