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Envision that person you want to be in your mind. The optimized you.  The YOU you intend to become.

How does he act, feel and move? How does he dress? How does he speak (timid, or with conviction)?  What is his attitude about money, or training, or relationships? How does he react to hardships and setbacks?

Now, what if you acted as if? As if you were already that person?

What if you acted as though you were more charismatic than you feel. More confident? More competent?

What if you acted as if you really did love mixing and mingling at networking events? What if you acte as if you could not wait to get on stage and spread your message? Note: I have personal experience with these two.

What if you demonstrated optimism about what’s about to happen next, even if you’re not sure?

What if you acted as if you truly loved yourself?

It does take some serious effort. Dedication and discipline. More than most are willing to expend day in and day out.

And yeah, it feels like an ill-fitting suit for a while. That shitty roommate voice in your head will call you an imposture. A fake.

You’ll ask yourself – as Marianne Williamson states in her brilliant poem, Our Deepest Fear

Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

And the answer, of course:

Who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world.

What price though are you willing to pay to be that better you? To become the person you know, deep down, you can be.

What if you invested that effort, just for a little while? What if you acted as if you were worth it?

It’s entirely possible that acting as if would actually manifest the very outcome you’re hoping for.

You can either create the circumstance or be a pawn to circumstance.  In every moment and in every situation, it’s your choice.

Heal thyself, hone thyself, change the world –

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