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Beyond the rah-rah and glitzy motivational speak is this: It’s easier to captain a boat that’s moving. Even if, for now, that boat is purposely headed off course.

In sailing, this maneuver would be known as a “tack” or (the more extreme version), a “jibe”.  These zigzag maneuvers are used for reaching destinations upwind of the current location. The same weaving movements are employed when cycling up long, steep grades.

Yeah, it’s a less direct path. And sometimes that’s the only option.  Life is tough, and obstacles abound.

Keep moving. Because here’s the thing: the tack and jibe can only work if there is movement present.  It’s not the temporary travel in the wrong direction or the additional miles that scares the sailor or the cyclist; it’s the stall they fear.

Standing still in mediocrity.  Dead in the water.

Motion means additional feedback, more decision opportunity, more deal flow. Another roll of the dice.  All of which leads to more ways to learn and more ways to improve.

Is your current workout “perfect”?  Probably not; neither is mine (even though I’m the “workout guy”). Tweak it as you go.

Is your current diet perfect? Your lifestyle? Your environment? Not to worry. Nobody’s is.  Mine included.

Keep moving. But with a purpose.

And make those 1% improvements, every day, while doing so.  Eyes on the prize.

Forward momentum is what matters.  Continual improvement. Tack and jibe.

Lao Tzu said that “a  journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

It’s the secret sauce behind first wins; the first rotation of the flywheel.

And what then? After the first step?

What to do when the wind is at your face?  The mountain is in your path?

You have to keep moving.  Find a way.

The human zoo, after all, is designed to keep you dull and domesticated. No more than a brain-dead consumer.

You are so much more than that.

Keep moving and you’ll find your way, sooner or later, out of the zoo.

Be the problem child.  A pain-in-the-ass to the zookeepers.

Tack and jibe.  Wave and weave.

Do not settle for stillness in mediocrity.

Heal thyself, hone thyself, change the world –

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  1. Great illustration Keith! The whole secret of success is just keep moving! Or as Dora said in the movie Nemo—-“just keep swimming—just keep swimming!”

    • That’s really the key to it all, right?

      Hall of fame batters get there by “failing” 70% of the time.


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