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Even the most Keto /Carnivore / Paleo / GOMAD / IIFYM whatever among you must know that caloric load DOES account for something in the fat loss game. 

I get it.  I too know that the body is more chemistry lab than bomb calorimeter, and yet… gross energy surplus or deficit over time does matter.

Why is this so tough for most people to swallow?

It reminds me of the global warming debate. And I use the term “debate” loosely, here. It’s more a battle of wits between two unarmed sides.

“It’s man-made!”

“It’s a natural phenomenon!”

I dunno… what if it were the result of a natural climate swing made even worse by man-made effects?

We’ve all heard of those who have famously lost weight (including hella muscle mass) on the Tweenkies diet.  Otherwise known as the concentration camp diet (Holocaust deniers and Flat Earthers need not apply). And we all know the Keto evangelist cousin “carbz kill” Bill who hoovers fat on fat on fat and (still) weighs a cool… 3 bills. 

Diet, like religion (and conspiracy theories), are crazy things. 

Our society DEMANDS things be black and white.  Sharp dividing lines. I win you lose. But few things are ever that way.  Especially diet.
And no wonder our culture thinks like this; our entire fucking school system is set up to train people to retain and regurgitate the single RIGHT answer. 

We push out graduates with the efficiency of a Ford assembly line.  Graduates trained to be little more than cogs IN an assembly line….

…in the fucking digital age.  What kind of lunacy is this?

There IS nuance involved here.  There is always nuance involved.  So how best to navigate that?

I don’t care how experienced you are, what tricks you use (one serving = 1 palm!) or whatever –  if you go out to eat you will fail miserably at accurately assessing the nutritional content of what you just devoured.

You think that line chef is measuring oil and portioning out your rice? Did you eat the fat on that steak or didn’t you? How big was that potato? How much butter went down your gullet and how much is left on the plate? How many chips did you motor through again?

And yeah, you won’t do much better cooking at home.

Don’t delude yourself. Subjective reality will not serve you here.   

You are no different than any other animal in the wild.  Except that you live in a massive fucking zoo of your own creation.

The zoo animal at least knows it’s caged.  You, however, will swear up and down that you have complete and utter free will.

If that’s the case, then why are you sick, fat and lazy?

Or drug dependent?

Or in a dead-end job? A shitty relationship? Depressed?

None of that is the natural human condition.

It’s not that we’ve lost the ability to accurately assess our calorie intake – we never had (or needed) that ability to begin with.  We didn’t need it because we evolved as obligate movers and opportunistic eaters. Our body took care of itself with a wisdom far greater than our calculating mind (or latest diet app) could ever hope to achieve.

The conscious mind is an excellent servant and a shitty overlord. It’s an even shittier arbiter of caloric intake or calorie burn. Not to mention macronutrient distribution. 

We’ve now created a zoo where no one has to move and food is ubiquitous and engineered to have no brakes. Our bodies are trying to make sense of a world made of funhouse mirrors.

I am not writing this to slam anyone. The game is stacked against you. Few profit from a healthy society. I can tell you as a serial entrepreneur that it would be a tenfold easier business model to sell you the next engineered shit food or slick device that prevents you from lifting a finger than it is to sell you restriction, periodic discomfort, self-discipline, and hard work.

To change the outcome you have to change the habit. And changing the habit requires changing the environment. And yeah, that means finding smart ways to add back in restriction, periodic discomfort, and hard work.

The obstacle IS the way.

Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world –

PS – within your body is an innate wisdom that KNOWS how to be healthy. It can’t do that, though, if it’s lacking fundamental building blocks. That’s why I start and end my day with ID Nutrition. A hyper-personalized supplementation program built FOR ME. And you can do the same. Find out more, here.



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