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More to the point: whose reality are you living?

And who told you the stories you believe to be true? Those stories that mold the reality you’re living right now.

And about those stories you continue to tell yourself: are they serving or hindering you?

Are you living your reality, where your dream to become the best version of you is moving forward, every single day?

Or are you living the rest of the world’s reality?  Mass media’s reality. A numb-and-dumb reality where your dream is pushed aside as either insignificant, or too pie-in-the-sky.  

In times like these, you have to build your own reality—and live in it. That’s how greatness manifests.

And that reality begins with the stories you tell yourself.

I get it, though.  Boy, do I ever. One story I’ve told myself repeatedly is that I’m “not good with money”.

Just ask me: I can throw out all kinds of supporting evidence for that “fact”:

  • I come from a blue-collar, working-class background
  • I suck at math
  • I absolutely hate accounting
  • Money has never come easy for me
  • I have to grind harder than the next guy just to keep my head above water

I even created elaborate methods to not even have to *think* about money.  In my visions of my future self, I saw the *lifestyle* I wanted to manifest — the ability to travel the world, seeking inner and outer Truth with my tribe of choice — I could feel the warm breeze atop Machu Picchu; I could smell the tropical rain.  

But when it came to how that lifestyle would be paid for?  The rubber-meets-the-road, nitty-gritty of where the “currency energy” would come from to support that lifestyle? I dodged the idea like Neo dodging a phalanx of bullets.

Which is total bullshit.

In the real world, lifestyles have to be funded by the energy of currency. AKA, money. So I’d better come to terms with that.

No different than my wanting to be fit means nothing unless I actually do the work to produce that outcome.

So I have a choice: I can continue to have my life dictated by my old, crippling money stories…

Or — I can choose to create my own stories around money.  Stories in which I am an absolute money wizard. Who the fuck is going to tell me I can’t?

The only one who CAN tell me I can’t?  Me.

So what’s YOUR story? 

Who told you that story?  And why do you believe it?

Does it help or hinder you?

There’s only ONE person between you and the stories you choose to live by.

Being the change you want to see in the world begins with a story. 

Choose wisely.  

Live your dream. Starting today –

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