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Are you familiar with the Hegelian Dialectic?  It goes a little something like this:

1. The State creates a problem

2. The State monitors the public’s reaction to the problem (fear, panic, outrage, etc.)

3. The State provides the solution to the problem

4. The State becomes the savior to the masses

Those who are “awake” (snake energy in Incan mythology) recognize this pattern.  It happens repeatedly throughout history.  

And why?  Because it works.  The masses, over and over again, fail to notice the sleight-of-hand.  And step by step they become more entrenched in victimhood. Zoo animals at the mercy of their keepers.  

How do you break free of being a victim of this sequence?

Wake up. See the game for what it is.  Simply choose to become empowered. And the best place to start is with physical empowerment.  

Take back the keys to your own health and vibrancy from outside “authority”.  Who knows you better than YOU? Who has YOUR best interest at heart? You or some outside “authority”?

And know this: entering into co-creative partnerships with the intent of bettering your health is a totally different animal than turning over complete control. No captain sets sail without a competent navigator by his side.  The captain, though, knows the buck stops with him.

As does the navigator.  The chariot driver (Krishna) only sought to advise Arjuna.  There was no wish to control.

Truth and Love don’t seek to control, they wish only to be revealed.  Through you and by you.

Next, regain control of what you feed your mind.  You do have a choice in the matter. However, many are still lulled into peering through the nonsensical presentation of “reality” as presented by the mainstream media. 

Be aware that all of the mainstream media outlets are owned by a mere 6 companies which, in turn, are controlled by a handful of individuals.

Do you think they have your best interest at heart? Or do you think they might benefit more from controlling you than offering an objective picture on the state of things? 

The majority of what you see on mainstream news is now a propagandized depiction of reality spun for the benefit of those in a position to profit from that narrative.  In the same way that Hilter’s right-hand-man Goebbels used the German media during WW2 to direct the narrative and influence what the average German citizen believed.

True mainstream journalism is dead. This is unfortunate but true. So it’s important to seek information from independent sources.  And a variety of independent sources at that. We all have biases and blind spots, so it’s important we realize and compensate for that. 

Don’t assume any information being presented in the media is accurate. In this environment, “trust but verify” is not an adequate defense. It’s wise to challenge everything (including that of your favorite independent source). There are many well-intended independent researchers trying to figure things out. But then there’s a lot of intentional misinformation being fed into the market.

The intellectual ju-Jitsu game is strong, here. So you need to hone your critical thinking skills. Now is the time.

For example, the CDC accepts private funding, it’s not a purely government-funded agency, which should make everyone skeptical of the information it provides.

Remember that stats and numbers are easily manipulated.  Even if the originating data is 100% accurate.

The philosopher Jacques Ellul discusses these topics in detail in his landmark work, Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes. He viewed the power of the media as another example of technology exerting control over human destiny. As a mechanism of change, the media are almost invariably manipulated by special interests, whether of the market or the state.

Ellul claims that:
“…it is a fact that excessive data do not enlighten the reader or the listener; they drown him. He cannot remember them all, or coordinate them, or understand them; if he does not want to risk losing his mind, he will merely draw a general picture from them. And the more facts supplied, the more simplistic the image”. 

“…Thus the mechanisms of modern information induce a sort of hypnosis in the individual, who cannot get out of the field that has been laid out for him by the information”. 

So, what to do?

  1. Remain vigilant.

We have been lulled to sleep by the illusion of safety and by our never-ending pursuit of creature comforts. This false sense of security lends to victimhood which leads to manipulation and control.  Vigilance and alertness are required for the times ahead.

  1. Stay Strong.

Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, relationally and tribally. These are the core 7 pillars of health and vitality.  This virus, like any virus, is harder on those that already have compromised health.

And too, there will be much less psychological safety in society in the years to come. Expect more and more Higailian Dialect from governments and mass media. This event is simply the entry point into the new-normal.

All of which means that it’s essential to focus on cultivating a strong internal structure and peak resilience in the above mentioned 7 pillars that can weather the storms to come. Negative emotions like fear disrupt the body’s immune system more than anything else.

But above all, this is a time of great opportunity.  A chance to become evermore resilient, evermore antifragile. 

This time is asking of you to become the optimized you that cannot be found without hardship.

It’s up to you to answer the call.

You got this. WE got this!

Talk soon –

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Keith Norris is a former standout athlete, a military vet, and an elite strength and conditioning expert with over 35 years of in-the-trenches experience. As a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness space, he is an owner, co-founder and Chief Development Officer of the largest Paleo conference in the world, Paleo f(x) . As well, Keith is a partner in one of the most innovative lines of boutique training studios in the nation, Efficient Exercise. He’s also a partner in ARXFit training equipment, and a founding member of ID Life. In his spare time, he authors one of the top fitness blogs in the health and wellness sphere, Theory To Practice.


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