Of Radishes and Willpower

Photo by Corey Motta on UnsplashImagine this:You enter a waiting room awash with the smell of...


You are a miraculous being, cable of so much good work in the world.And maybe at this stage...

Health Hacker f(x)

Any of this sound familiar?"I've got this laundy-list of symptoms that I *know*...

Scripting for positive habit change

A quick story for you.If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that I’ve been without a car for going...

You never really wanted to lose weight…

...or get swole, Or quit smoking.  Or become a Maserati driving millionaire.  You wanted something much, much deeper than that.

Smarter Recovery

I train with the understanding that there is no such thing as overtraining, only under recovery.

Another trip around the sun

Giving Father Time a defiant, two-fisted, middle finger saluteSo I turned 54 on Saturday.  Thanks to all...

Goal or consequence?

Proper goal setting is paramount to personal growth.  CEO, sage, barber, rock & roll icon… no matter the discipline.

Staying within striking distance

In the language of the Westside Barbell boys, you should know the difference between a “contest max” and a “circa max”.  

The Continuous act of Becoming

Everything from the desk you’re at to the computer you’re banging on to you yourself; waves, particles and open space.  But if that’s not enough, try to imagine the tune that all those particles and waves are dancing to.  Who -- or what -- in the hell is conducting this symphony?  And how!?

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