The Continuous act of Becoming

Everything from the desk you’re at to the computer you’re banging on to you yourself; waves, particles and open space.  But if that’s not enough, try to imagine the tune that all those particles and waves are dancing to.  Who -- or what -- in the hell is conducting this symphony?  And how!?

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth?

Photo by Henry Hustava on Unsplash  Turn the other cheek? Let’s make no mistake: weakness is not a virtue.The inability to retaliate against an oppressive force is not a...

Why Are We So Damn Sick, Fat and Lazy?

People are fat and out of shape for a myriad of reasons.  But those who are fit, lean and vibrant are so for ONE reason and one reason only: they consistently follow a species-appropriate diet and lifestyle.

Chains to Gains – Episode 4: Heroin Addict to Lifestyle Transformation...

A frank discussion on going from heroin addict to owning every aspect of your life. Diet, exercise, lifestyle, entrepreneurship... everything!

Our Generation’s Civil Rights Movement

In a short 250-ish years, we’ve gone from refreshing the tree of liberty “with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, to wussified complacency...

Breaking a Heroin Addiction with Paleo Principles

Tales from the trenches. Whether it’s sugar or opioids, smoking or exercise, everyone is faced at some point with the need to crack an addiction.

The Art and Science of Personal Transformation

Each total life transformation is unique in its own way. Proper navigation of the particulars can make or break the process.

Mastery, the Pareto Principle and a Chains to Gains Update

Treating the 80/20 (Pareto) rule as a shortcut rather than a prioritization tool is a mistake. There is no shortcut to mastery.

Chains to Gains, Episode 2

Every aspect of this kid's life is in a state of change. So far we're down 12 lbs, with a significant increase in muscle mass. And an entrepreneur is being born. Check out the progress!

Chains to Gains, Episode 1

Starting from the bottom?  Yeah, you can say that.Rock bottom, in fact.It doesn't matter where you start, though.  What matters is having the grit,...

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