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The Physical Culture Immersion Experience

Our mission is to help people of all health and fitness levels reach their optimum potential through simple, effective and evidence-based training and proper balanced Paleo Nutrition. We know our day-to-day reach is limited to those who can routinely visit an Efficient Exercise studio. We believe that Austin is the epicenter of Physical Culture and is a prime locale for those interested in learning how we implement the Ancestral Momentum lifestyle. We’ve teamed with Efficient Exercise to create an avenue for those who wish to experience an immersion in true Physical Culture in Austin, Texas, an amazing and beautiful city. By allowing customization of your Physical Culture Immersion Experience we trust it will be impactful for you personally as well as empowering so you will be able to go back to your hometown with the proper tools to maintain these healthy choices for a lifetime.

Essential Components of the Experience:

guest house in historic Clarksville neighborhoodWhere you stay:

In the historic Clarksville neighborhood just west of downtown Austin. Please check out the guest house listing here:
training session efficient exerciseExercise experience:

You will be trained and taught by Keith Norris of Efficient Exercise. You will go through two “real” workouts EE style. Also if you choose, you will be able to spend time shadowing Keith witnessing some real-time client workouts and see the practical implementation of Efficient Exercise’s version of high intensity training. Lastly, you will review with Keith the exercise options you have available in your hometown and Keith will advise you on practical programming advice and recommendations.
healthy paleo cookingCooking experience:

You will receive two practical, hands-on cooking classes taught by our resident chef Michelle Norris. Michelle will guide you in the kitchen of your guest house on how to prepare meals for the week and how to keep the choices simple, yet healthy. If you choose, you can also tag along with Michelle and see how a commercial kitchen is operated that prepares Paleo-friendly meals much like you will receive.
farmers market in downtown austinShopping experience:

Michelle will also take you to shop for your own food in two venues: a local farmer’s market in downtown Austin as well as Austin-based Whole Foods at their corporate headquarters and flagship store in downtown Austin.


Optional Components of the Experience:

the salt lick bbq restaurant in austin texasAustin restaurant experience:

Austin has more restaurants per capita than any other US city. This is a wonderful thing and yet a dangerous thing if you are not equipped with the practical know-how of making good choices. Keith and Michelle Norris will take you out and help you experience some of the best food Austin has to offer yet make solid healthy choices.

Follow the links below to explore which two Austin-based restaurants you would like to enjoy:

Barley Swine

Salt Lick BBQ



Foreign & Domestic

Live Oak BBQ

Austin Food Trailer Scene


enchanted rockAustin outdoor experience:

Austin is blessed with some of the best outdoor spaces that are conveniently located not only in the beautiful surrounding hill country but also right in the middle of downtown with miles of hiking, biking, and lake activities. You will get to choose from a variety of outdoor fun activities. Exercise is necessary and often hard work, but for a variety of reasons a healthy lifestyle also needs to incorporate “fun” and “play”. Again, explore the links below to choose two of the following activities:

Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Lady Bird Lake

Kayaking on Lady Bird Lake

Austin Segway Tour

Barton Creek Greenbelt Hiking

Barton Springs Pool


Austin rejuvenation experience:

As a part of a healthy lifestyle balance, you need to incorporate relaxation and recovery activities like massage, chiropractic adjustments, and rest. You will get to choose from several options like massage, acupuncture, and body work adjustments. Please follow the links below to pick one of the following:

Massage – Relaxation, Recovery, or Working through injury (massage therapist/physical therapist)



Chiropractic Adjustment


Total All-Inclusive Price: $1,850 USD

Includes lodging, all food, all exercise & cooking services, and all activities.

Does not include travel expenses like air fare, car rental, and misc. entertainment.

Menu changes seasonally – you will be given selection of prepared meals after booking.

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