Three Workout Options for the Time-Challenged

Photo by Alora Griffiths on UnsplashThe seasons of life, my friend - they’ll sometimes punch you right...

Balance -the 70/20/10 Rule

Photo by Form on Unsplash70% of the time, I train at 70% of my available maximal effort. Punching the clock,...

The Modified Conjugate System

Bodybuilding and Conjugate are not terms you're likely to think as being compatible.  Let's change that.Conjugate for...

Optimizing Your Training Volume and Frequency

Foundations Back in the mid-70s, when I first caught the incurable iron flu, training 6 days a week was commonplace.  The intensity and modalities varied...

Biceps, Triceps, Wheels and Core

  Yeah, I like feeding the ol' pythons, too.  But let's just make sure we keep it real.And one way to do that is to...

When in doubt, do another set

What 40+ years in the iron game has taught me about entrepreneurship.

How to Make Your Own Kettlebell. And What to Do With...

The most cost-effective piece of home exercise equipment you could ever own? The do-it-yourself kettlebell aka the GHETTOBELL.

Chains to Gains, Episode 2

Every aspect of this kid's life is in a state of change. So far we're down 12 lbs, with a significant increase in muscle mass. And an entrepreneur is being born. Check out the progress!

From Chains to Gains: A Life in Transition

What does a total life transformation look like? Mentally, physically, emotionally and financially? Tune in here, as we're tracking one in real time.

How to Get Big, Strong, and Powerful, Fast

Looking to get big, strong, and powerful quick?  Here’s the strength training template you’ve been waiting for.

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